Speakeasy is over.
If you'd still like to reach out please send a mail to: speakeasy@rind3.de
  • 13.01.2023

    Life’s Hard – Speakeasy


    a film about the cruel reality of the ballet by Jackson Carroll

    “The Old Days” by Jihye Lee & Areumbit Park

    a film about love by Lukas Langguth

    Noah Friebel – A very long kiss

    a Grand Finale by Mara Jenny

    Night Manager: Christoph Wiedemann

    Moderation: Adonis Ademes

    Artworks: Krebber/Städelschule Style paintings found on the street

    Fart Sounds: Philip Markert & Jorge Loureiro

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    © Tobias Hohn, Philip Markert, Christoph Wiedemann