Speakeasy is over.
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  • 14.07.2023

    Speakeasy – Everything We Know

    introduction by the caricature of Philip Markert

    the caricature of Tobias Hohn on amourous relationships in the room

    a conversation that resembles some dudes making a podcast (quote: Harkeerat Mangat)


    “The Engagement of Alyce Hubbard-Ford and Lukas Langguth”
    a sketch starring:
    Christop Wiedemann as Alyce Hubbard-Ford
    Philip Markert in the role of Lukas Langguth
    and Tobias Hohn as Freddy the dog.

    followed by:

    The actual, real engagement of Alyce Hubbard-Ford and Lukas Langguth. Followed by standing ovations and various outrageous reactions.

    Night Manager:
    the caricature of Christoph Wiedemann

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    © Tobias Hohn, Philip Markert, Christoph Wiedemann